Head To Head: Winter Sports

Sidney Johnson, Staff Reporter

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Kaylee Klostermen
Reporter Sidney Johnson asks Peter Kuster to Winter Sports

As generations grow, the world is changing and the normal now is not what the normal was thirty years ago. One thing that has remained a tradition is guys asking girls to school dances, well, for the most part. For some girls, finding a date is stressful and can be difficult sometimes, but imagine being on the other side. Finding someone who is up for grabs, asking them in an original way and having the guts are some of the things boys go through to get a date to a dance. However, some say this should be no different than guys asking girls on a regular date; it is the guy’s job to pursue the girl.  

Winter Sports is a High School dance where all grade levels are welcome. It is during the wrestling and basketball season and the boys always ask the girls to this dance. At Hellas There is a dance called the Sadie Hawkins, where the girls ask the guys. Some argue that is this a favored interest because it is different than other dances. In some cases, dance proposals are only accepted to prevent upset feelings. Switching the roles could cause this to occur more often. I don’t know about you, but I want a date that actually wants to go with me.

Former Jefferson City High School student, Zoey Gore, has had his fair share of school dances and had a pretty important concern when asked about switching roles.

“I would never have a date if that happens,” said Gore.

If switching roles was to become the norm for all school dances, where would the line be drawn? Would the girls purchase the corsage, instead of a boutonniere; would they pay for dinner? I think Winter Sports is a well kept tradition and I personally wouldn’t want to change or tamper with something that is already so great.

Kara Gerard, a junior a Jefferson City High School likes “going the less awkward route”. Gerard says, Winter Sports is overall better than Sadie Hawkins because it would be awkward to have to ask guys to a dance and our dance isn’t’ on Sundays.”

If you have the same mindset as me, not having a date to a dance really isn’t that important and can sometimes be a blessing. Going with friends can make for a more drama free and laid back night. So, if a guy doesn’t ask you to one dance, don’t sweat it you have so many more chances to have a date.

Sadie Hawkins may be different, but Winter Sports is a traditional dance and puts less stress on the girls.