H2H: Individual projects

Individual projects have less conflict

It's up to you to decide: are group projects helpful or harmful?

Photo by: Kaylee Klosterman

It's up to you to decide: are group projects helpful or harmful?

Matt LeCure, Staff Reporter

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Class projects can be fun. They are a different way of learning and they really give the course an entertaining twist. However, with other classmates holding you behind, it can be absolute torture.


Some people feel uncomfortable working with others because they aren’t as social as their classmates. This is mostly shown when students get to choose their groupmates. A common situation I get into is having the teacher partner me up with a random person because I’m too shy. These kind of things can lead to new levels of awkward.


When you are working alone, you don’t have any partners dragging you behind. You can decide how the project will be made and nobody will try to stop you.


“An individual project allows a student to show what they can do,” Latin teacher Betsy Toft said. “Often, group projects end up being the work of one or just a couple students in the group.”


Group projects do not show the teacher what one person is capable of. Individual projects push the student to use their own potential and not to rely on a partner. They help build independence, a vital aspect of adulthood.


Despite this, communication is still important. Working together builds social skills, if done correctly. The problem is, a partner may not plan on actually working, so they just lay back as their partner works away


With individual projects, there are no disagreements. Well, if you have Multiple Personality Disorder, that may not be true. But other than that, you get to do things your way. You are on your own.


“I think individual projects give the person a goal,” junior Abigail Kiesling said. “Maybe to set a time limit or have some sort of responsibility for something. Group projects pose that possibility as well, though with the individual, you are all on your own. Many people don’t like working with others because they don’t do their work or share for the end result. Individual projects aren’t as big of a hassle as having to rely on someone else.”


Individual projects are a great way to show who you are and create a final product from your mind. They put you in the spotlight, testing your independent creativity and intelligence.