H2H: Artificial Trees

Go green, save the trees

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H2H: Artificial Trees

Maddy Bergstrom, Staff Reporter

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As the song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” – that is, for all save the Evergreen. With only 12 days until Christmas, the stockings are up and those lights you left up all year round are plugged in again.

Christmas time is also the time to take the long trek up the attic steps in search of the family Christmas tree. As you stumble into the living room, struggling to figure out where each branch goes because your color coded dots faded off years ago, you reminisce about past Christmases around this tree and all the memories that entwine with the ornaments, the picture of last years holiday season reflects from the tinsel.

Senior Stephanie Scott believes Christmas is about tradition and family, and what brings those two together more than some hot chocolate and putting the star on top of the Christmas tree?

“I love decorating our family tree because it helps bring everyone together,” Scott said. “We all have such busy lives, and it’s so lovely to catch up amongst the glittering tinsel and shimmering ornaments to celebrate the holiday.”

However, there are those who bundle up in coats and scarves, heading to the forestry in search of the perfect Christmas tree that year. What at first seemed like a great bonding experience quickly turns to chattering teeth and wishing to be home around the fire.

Not only will you have to deal with the hassle of cutting down a tree, moving it into your house and cleaning up the mess of pine needles left behind, but you are also taking away from an already limited supply of forests. Junior Isaac Moeller said that his family tried the natural Christmas tree one year but it ended up to be too much of a mess. However he still enjoys the beauty of the trees.

“[My favorite thing about the Christmas season is] the smell of evergreen and the thin white layer on the tops of the trees.” Moeller said.

Those trees are home to so many critters, squirrels and birds alike, and they too need a home for holidays.

Though it may seem like an expensive alternative at first, the payoff of an artificial Christmas tree is unbelievable. You will not only save your family from the bitter cold of standing in the blistering wind for hours, but you will also be saving a tree and all of the animals who call it home sweet home.