Put away the plastic, bring out the pine


Gillian Burks, Features Editor

Whether it is the smell, tradition or overall appearance, a real Christmas tree will always be better than its artificial opponent. On Christmas morning children rush down their stairs to be greeted by a lush green tree adorned in various sparkling ornaments, while below it sits the multitude of presents that will soon be opened. It is in these moments that they are overwhelmed with joy, and it is in my opinion that this image would be tattered without a majestic real tree in its midst.

Before you are even able to set the tree up and dress it in candy canes and tinsel, you must find one that fits your needs. To most families, this is a tradition that has been passed down and will continue to be passed down through the generations to come. The memories created by this tradition will always be superior to simply buying a box from the store or unpacking last year’s bundle of green plastic twigs.

“Going out each year to find your tree is such a fun thing to do with your family,” sophomore Stella Vansant said. “It becomes another tradition to add to the holidays and get into the Christmas spirit.”

There are also some who simply enjoy the act in an ironic fashion, celebrating it with a tree for reasons that are a stark difference to other’s reasons. Tucker Snider, an English teacher at JCHS agrees that live trees are far superior. Even as someone who doesn’t celebrate the holidays for “traditional” reasons, Snider still prefers to use live trees over fake trees.

“I usually go with a live tree because I like to get back to the pagan roots; I feel like there needs to be a life sacrificed or something,” Snider said. “A Christmas tree seems like a harmless way to do that.”

Stepping away from the traditions, as the tree is put into your home, it takes no time in filling the room with its cozy winter smell. With a plastic tree the only smell you’ll find is the odd smell of warm plastic, but a living tree is like an air freshener that you don’t have to spray. The smell of pine is so loved that people buy candles, sprays and even car fresheners to have the smell all year long.

As you unpack your fake tree and begin to bend the branches to make it seem as if they can even hold a candle to a real tree, you’ll only find that your hard work will end with infuriating bald spots. By picking out your live tree, you can shopped and examine each tree till you find one that fits every physical quality you’d want to see lit by string lights in your living room.

Even if they shed needles and might be a hassle to strap to your roof, live trees will always brighten your holiday season, whether it be part of your family tradition, just a fun activity or part of your holiday decorating. They add flair to your home, and warmth to your heart that will never dull.