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What students are doing over break

Chad Volmert

Chad Volmert

Photo by: Emily Rush

Photo by: Emily Rush

Chad Volmert

Emily Rush, Staff Reporter

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Holiday Festivities or JC Students Celebrate the Holidays

Students at Jefferson City High School have a variety of different activities they do over Christmas break, from going out of state for vacation, visiting distant family, or simply spending time at home. Some families enjoy going on vacation together and experiencing new traditions. On the other hand, many families enjoy repeating traditions by spending time with their close family and friends in the comfort of their own home.

“I would rather spend time at home with my family then go on vacation because it is more traditional and you’re not just in some random hotel room,” junior Hailey Clardy said. “Over Christmas break I will be praying that it snows so I can take my five year old nephew sledding.”

JCHS students have almost a three week winter break. This gives families long enough to go on vacation if that is what they are interested in doing over the holidays. Christmas is known as Jesus’s birthday to Christians, and people are supposed to surround themselves with family and friends during this season.

“I personally would rather stay home because, if you think about it, that’s what Christmas is all about – spending time with loved ones you don’t see everyday,” junior Hannah Kemper said.

Over Christmas break students also get a break from school work. Hopefully, no teachers bombard students with assignments over break because we all need time to celebrate our traditions.  

“One of the reasons I am so excited for break is to get away from all the school work and not be stressed about school,” Kempker said. “Every year my mom, sister and I bake cookies and other Christmas desserts while listening to our favorite Christmas songs,”

We all celebrate the same holiday in many different ways. There are multiple variations of traditions that people celebrate every year on Dec. 25, but at the end of the day, we are all celebrating the same holiday.

“I would rather stay home because all my family lives here and Christmas is one of the rare times I get to see my family,” junior Chad Volmert said. “I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”



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What students are doing over break