The Red and Black Editorial: Is Christmas break even a break?

Red Black

It is a well-known fact that the students and faculty at Jefferson City High School deserve a legitimate break. Yet, another well-known fact is that Christmas break at JCHS is exceptionally short. We only have 11 days to visit family, catch up on sleep, celebrate the holidays and prepare ourselves for the final eighteen weeks of the school year. Although Christmas break is the longest break we have at JCHS, many students and faculty members feel the time we have away from school is cut short. Senior Annie Large agrees with this statement.

“I feel that Christmas break is not a sufficient amount of time to take a break from school, especially for those who travel over the holidays to spend time with family,” Large said. “Growing up, I feel like Christmas break was always much longer than it has been the last few years.”

Although students return to school on Jan. 3, the faculty of JCHS returns Jan. 2 leaving them with one less day than the students. Kelly Grunden, business and marketing teacher at JCHS, also agrees our time has been cut short; however, is very grateful for the time we do have off.

“I feel that there is usually enough time to celebrate over the holidays,” Grunden said. “This year it seems to be a little less and I would like to have Jan. 2 off for those of us that are out of town on Jan. 1. However, I appreciate the time we do get to spend with family and friends.”

Everyone has their favorite parts of Christmas break; however, with such a short period of time it becomes very hard for students to be able to enjoy it. Many students fill their break with extra hours at work or traveling to see family.

“My favorite part of Christmas break is of course getting a break from school, but also I enjoy spending time with family and opening presents on Christmas Day,” Large said. “However, I typically spend most of my Christmas break seeing family members that I don’t usually see and picking up extra shifts at work.”

Adults have their favorite Christmas traditions too. Many teachers spend their time catching up with family members they don’t see throughout the year including their children.

“My Christmas break consists of spending time with my college kids. They are involved in a variety of things so they don’t get to come home much,” Grunden said. “I look forward to being a Mom and cooking over the holidays because I love to cook and take care of them when they are home.”

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. However, how will we ever be able to feel as if we have spent a quality amount of time with everyone we want and need to if our time continues to grow shorter and shorter every year? Yes, Christmas break seems like an ample amount of time, but it is only 11 days and as we grow older time continues to fly by even faster.