The Red & Black Editorial: Teenage Stereotypes

Red Black, Staff Reporter

In the world we live in, everyone creates their own opinion of each other. It’s normal for an adult to think that all teenagers are lazy, rude, and incompetent; however, just because many adults think this doesn’t make it true. Of course there are times when teenagers can be a little unruly and out of control, but that doesn’t include all teenagers and that doesn’t mean teenagers don’t have a good side.

If you were to ask your teachers, parents, or grandparents if times have changed since they were a kid, they would most certainly say yes. They could go on forever about how back in their day teenagers had priorities and teenagers were simply “better” back then. Adults say that teenagers are less mature, more arrogant, and extremely irresponsible nowadays, but that’s not the case. The idea that “times have changed” may be true, but teenagers act just the same. Yes, things are different now. We have cell phones that don’t require you to carry a bag over your shoulder, but that has nothing to do with the way teenagers act. It’s time for adults to stop blaming technology and other changes for the behaviors of teens and start blaming themselves.

Of course adults are entitled to their opinion, but in order for their opinion to be relevant they need to back it up. Have you ever thought that maybe teenagers are the way they are because that’s how they were raised? The adults are the ones so upset about the way teenagers act, but they are the reason teens are the way they are. Teenagers are raised looking up to their parents, so if you act like a fool, then your kid is going to act like a fool too. Say you are a teenager who grew up around parents who cursed all the time and disrespected each other. If that is the case, then don’t you think you are going to curse and be disrespectful to adults and your peers?

Teenagers are not all bad. Yes, teenagers tend to be more straightforward than adults, but since when was being straightforward a bad characteristic? Of course some teens are going to give their parents, teachers, and elders a hard time. Some more than others, which is exactly why teenage stereotypes should be forgotten. While some teenagers are horsing around and being the stereotypical teenager, others are studying their butts off and trying to make the best grades. You can’t group together an entire generation just because you’ve had to deal with a couple troublemakers. We are all individuals and we are all unique.