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Atheletes who took some time off

Bailey Conrad is back from taking a year off from cross country.

Photo by: Sidney Johnson

Bailey Conrad is back from taking a year off from cross country.

Sidney Johnson, Staff Reporter

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Senior Bailey Conrad started running cross country for Jefferson City High School when she was a sophomore. Conrad has always had a passion for sports and thought running cross country would be a good fit for her. During the end of Conrad’s junior year she started noticing some pretty bad shin splints which over time caused her to develop a stress fracture. This injury caused Conrad to end her cross country season early and take the year off from track. “Since I had been hurting, I felt it was best,” Conrad said. “The season was almost over anyways, so I wasn’t too bummed on not running in the last few meets.” Returning to cross country the following year was not too stressful for Conrad since her injury was completely healed. She was concerned with her other leg that was giving her trouble, but overall was anxious to be back. “It felt good to be active and get back to something I enjoy, “ Conrad said.

Junior Tyler Bise is a three sport athlete. He plays football, baseball and wrestles. During the summer of Bise’s soon-to-be sophomore year, he began thinking of the 10 block schedule and how that might affect his free time. Bise was concerned about keeping his grades up and had to make a decision. “Once I heard about the 10 block schedule I knew it was going to be crazy to keep up with,” Bise said. “I had to get rid of something and it just happened to be football.” When Bise heard that the schedule was being changed again his junior year, he was interested in playing football. He was a little hesitant to start getting involved, but called his coaches to see what their thoughts were on him returning. They were glad to have him back, and now there was no turning back for Bise. He was not too nervous for his first practice, but forgot how cutthroat the routine is. “It  was tough getting back in football shape and the everyday lifestyle of football,” Bise said Although he may have been nervous getting back into it, he says he doesn’t regret taking a year off.

Junior Chad Volmert has played baseball since he was 5 years old. He had to make a transition between a private school and moved to a public school. Volmert played his freshman year and had a hard time coping with change. After his freshman season was over, he was not sure if he would be returning ever again. After some thought Volmert decided to take his sophomore year off to train. He is now in his junior year and is excited to play baseball for the Jays this year. “Since I quit baseball, it made go into overdrive and train and practice more and more,” Volmert said. “I am a lot stronger and prepared this season.” He is really hoping for a good experience this year since he is not eligible to play his senior year. “This my last year being able to play and I’m not having any regrets,” Volmert said.

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Atheletes who took some time off