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The techno way of learning

Salem Sanfilippo Solindas, Staff Reporter

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At the end of every year, if there’s one thing that stresses me out, it’s scheduling. Trying to fit language, Advanced Placement, and elective classes into four blocks feels impossible. As nice as it would be to have as many classes as we did for the 2015-16 school year, several other issues arise from A/B days. Online classes would be a great way to fit in more classes throughout the day and, possibly, allow students to graduate early. The process would be pretty familiar.

“I think we should open [E2020] a little bit more, so every student has that option,” sophomore Stella Vansant said. “All students could work at their own pace better.”

Ideally, online classes would function similarly to what we already have, except they’d be a lot more broad. Classes would have more variety and could be taken as a supplement (for students failing classes), addition (for more credits), or replacement (for those who want to work from home part of the day).

There are plenty of reasons why online classes would work at JCHS. It would be easy, for one, since all students have iPads already. More importantly, there’s a high number of kids who have health issues, both mental (like anxiety or depression) and physical (CVS, chronic pain, and others), who end up missing more classes than they can attend.

“I definitely think it could [help those with anxiety]. I think we should still have classes with presentations and things, but this would take off some of the stress,” Vansant said. Not only would chronically absent students have an opportunity to succeed in classes, but it could also help with some of the intense stress that may come with more severe illnesses.

Sophomore Dylan Penserum claims that online classes can also benefit the overachievers.

“Most of the complaints I hear [from my friends] is that they have to work in groups. They have to deal with the people who don’t care,” Penserum said.

While E2020 focuses on the students struggling to earn enough credits or pass their classes, we don’t really have anything for the kids ahead of the curve. School is meant to be about individual learning, not being average. Ideally, going to school could be legitimately fun, but that can’t happen when students are being weighed down by kids who just don’t care.

Online classes are, overall, a good idea that needs to be seriously considered. Though they raise a few concerns, mostly over whether kids will want to go to school at all with an option like this, they’re helpful for kids who need the extra help.

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The techno way of learning