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Suicide Squad

Gillian Burks, Features Editor

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Following the villain backstory trend created by films such as Maleficent and TV shows such as Orange is the New Black, DC released a movie this summer featuring a group of villains who are recruited to work for the good of all, the movie combining heart breaking back stories alongside the chase for victory against the antagonists. Suicide Squad, the name itself draws attention, although unneeded attention seeing as the hype prerelease skyrocketed with the multiple trailers, scene clips, and character introduction videos that were posted. But the movie’s true colors showed after it’s premiere. Reviews being posted by movie critics slashed at the movie’s choppy plot and inability to allot enough backstory for certain characters and too much for others, although fan reviews drastically differed applauding the movie for it’s creativity and overall tone setting of the squad’s dynamic. The fan support is still very clear as the recently released soundtrack has soared to the top of Billboard 200 and is forecasted to remain in the number one slot for a second week in a row.

With both pros and cons the movie sends it’s viewers on a rollercoaster leaving you unsure of whether it was truly a well made film or if you are simply ecstatic about the character’s you have come to love. Blinded by the bright lights of star characters and actors, it can be easy to overlook the movie’s major flaws. The over zealous amount of time allotted to Deadshot’s backstory allows you to connect emotionally to the character and the troubles he has gone through, but it throws Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang into the shadows of comedic relief with no emotional connection. Deleted scenes suggest there had originally been a scene of a young Killer Croc going to school and being bullied due to his appearance. Including this scene would have given insight into where Croc has come from and how he has grown to have unshakeable confidence. Alongside Deadshot, Harley is seen as one of the main character’s due to the amount of onscreen backstory and scenes which is understood because she is so closely related to another one of the main characters, Joker. Jared Leto is given a lot of criticism for his portrayal of the Joker, but in all honesty he was given a role with big shoes to fill and so by creating his own version of the Joker he did the best he could and he did it well. One of the major pros of the movie is the sound track with appearance’s from Imagine Dragons, Skrillex, and Twenty One Pilots. The plot itself is bumpy and jumps from scene to scene without much time for explanation or building of detail and this causes a choppy sequence of events that is rather disappointing. All in all, the movie was great for fans to be able to see their favorite characters in action, but the choppy plot made for a low quality film.

Gillian Burks


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Suicide Squad